The Creation of the World

The most common believed world creation myth in Turas;

Before the world, there was nothing but Time and Space, brothers of the Void. A first, Time and Space never touched, afraid to be swallowed up by the other. ut with nothing but themselves for company, the began to long for companionship. So in the midst of their lonliness, they for a moment forgot their fear and collided. At the moment of their collision, was born Light and Shadow. But also as Time and space collided they mixed into one being, creating Leben, God of Life. Leben seeing Light and Shadow, also born of the collision of Time and Space, recognized them as his blood,giving them both names; Scath(Shadow) and Eadrom(Light),as well as offering some of his power of life. At first Scath and Eadrom were hesitant, but Leben showed them how to us his gift by creating the world Erom and its first inhabitants, the young Immortals. Following after Leben, Eadrom created the first race the Elves, Scath followed by creating the Orcs.

At first all beings on the newley created world lived peacfully, but one day, a orc came across an elagently carved totem, transfixed with its beauty, the orc decided to take the totem back home to show his family. Unknown to the orc was that the totem belonged to the Elves, in wich they used to offer worship to their creator Eadrom. When the Elves found out that the Orcs tole one of their totems, they became infuriated and declared war upon the Orcs. They raided the Or’s tribes and stole away with the Orc’s own totems to Scath. Tis ofcourse caused the Orcs to retaliate, and so a bloody war raged between the two races. The war grew and soon waged on the lands inhabited by Leben’s creation’s, which had no choice but to fight back,so a large war errupted on Erom.

( this is not the whole myth the rest will be written down at a later time.)

The Creation of the World

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