The Adventures of Turas

A shaky begining

In the north of Turas, in the country of the elves known as Tavas, many creatures have been disturbed from their homes in the night. Death and fear, drive many from their homes by creatues of the shadow. Many creatures find themselves seperated and lost from their families and homes, in the village of Lesavin many of such creatures gathther hoping to find their families and protection from the darkness seeping into the land, and here is where our adventure begins.

Jraksul a young Lizard folk druid, has been seperated from his clan by a horde of orcs and strange shadow creatures in the middle of the night. He has made his way to Lesavin in hopes that his clan had made it to the safety of its small walls. To his greif he could find no sign of them. Also lost and seperated from his family and clan, Huron a young centaur ranger searches threw the crowds that have gathered in Lesavin, his hopes dropping by the minute. Both pass by each other in the crowds minds only focused on their families, but in their search they both eventually run into Lyla a young elven witch, who lives outside the village with her mother in the forest. Lyla is fascinated by these two strange creatures and tells them that her mother might be able to help them find their families. Excited and hopeful the two follow her to the small hut where her and her mother live. They hesatently enter, especially Huron seeing as he is a 9 foot tall draft bodied centaur, but with Lyla’s insistance that he can fit in the small home they enter to find, the hut largly bigger on the inside.they meet Lyla’s mother who says she can help them but for a price, they ask the price but she says they must accept it before they can hear what it is. Seeing that they have no other better options or choices, they agree and Lyla’s mother tells them they must escort her daughter safely to the next town known as ElderWest. after that they are told where to find her their families, if not in a vague manner, and figure that they must travel to Tavas`s capital citie Atara. After Lyla happily says bye to her mother (which this confuses the two males as they see that her mother is actually a really nice old woman who deeply cares for her daughter) but they shrug it off and all thre begin the trek to ElderWest.

They travel straight threw the woods seeing as the lizard folk and centaur are even more at home traveling this way than the young witch who simply follows them without a care except the happiness of being away from her home. as they travel and reach a little over an estimated half way point to EderWest they hear the sounds of battle. They all three hestently investigate and find that their is a group of elves defeately fending off six of the strange shadow knights that have attacked Jraksul and Hurons family and seperated them. angry and wanting to help out the remaining elves Huron and jraksul join the fight but not before sneakily attacking from their hiding spot. Jraksul casts an entangle spell traping two of the knights while Huron shoots one with his bow. Lyla then joins in by trying to cast a type of charm spell but finds these creatures imune in which she stands helplessly in the background using her spear to defend herself if any come close. As they fight they find that the shadow knights seem to be made out of some sort of tar and that their weapons seem to barely effect these creatures but with the elves help they eventually defeat the creatures. They wearaliy tend to the wounded and remaining alive elves which seems to have been 13 that has now gone down to 5. the leader of the band tells them thanks and that they were ambushed by the creatues and didnt know how to combat their il, he then promises to escort them the remaining way to ElderWest. so they travel and as they near ElderWest they are greeted by another band of patroling elves led by a young ranger named Fevus. He greets them and the three tell him at his proding of what happened to the rest of the elven band. Lyla tells him that her mother has sent her here for something and Fevus tells her he was expecting her and leads the three to the town hall to speak with the Elder there. The elder greets them and listens to what they have to say about the shadow knights and Jraksul`s and Huron`s quest. he tells them that he wants Fevus to take care of Lyla and be her escort on their adventure because Atara is where she needs to go and that her mother sent her here to have Fevus be her guide. Fevus gives them all a smile as he nods and shows that he is already packed and ready. The others seeing this are a bit disheartened because they are exausted from the battle and their trip, but the Elder insist that they leave town and travel a bit away from ElderWest because the strange shadow creatures have been attacking here and they must defend this area before the creatures reach Lesavin. they all nod and leave with fevus after getting some more rations and suppplies for their journey.


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